EZOZ Migration Services

EZOZ Migration is a migration solution provider, we focus on providing migration services at an affordable price.

EZOZ Migration Services

At EZOZ Migration, our business philosophy is to keep the business small, so clients can be assured that Keith will personally handle their cases. We value approachability, humility and honesty in all our business dealings.

Full Services

A comprehensive service package covers everything you need in your migration journey. From start to finish, we safeguard and guide you on every step.

Personalized Consultation

We provide paid personalized consultation to answer any questions you have. A written advice will also be provided after consultation. We charge in half-hour increments.

Free Visa Assessment

This free visa assessment is for people who want to make sure they are legally eligible for a visa. The assessment results are provided by our professional migration agent.

DIY Checking

Before lodging your DIY application and risking a expensive refusal. Use this service to let us inspect your application to make sure it is perfect.

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